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Part 2- Stay Sane and Organized for Back-to-School: Homework Stations

This week our Back-to-School Series takes on Homework! Here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired to create a homework station to keep you organized and the kids motivated. Turntable Homework Station from Mom On Timeout The Cloffice from No. 29 Design The Homework Room from Right Where We Are
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Part 2 Yard Sale Ready: 5 Things for the Perfect Yard Sale

  A continuation from SSC’s spring yard sale tips… 1) Best Items to Sell in The Spring: Sports Equipment Camping Gear Gardening Tools Children’s Clothing Patio Furniture 2) Start Early: Don’t wait until the last minute to gather everything up. Use this handy checklist to stay organized3) Enlist some help from your family and friends.
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3 Quick Tips to Prep Your Home for Spring

Spring is here! Before we know it we will be battling the hot and humid North Carolina summer temperatures. But, before we get there, have you prepped your home springs? Here a 3 quick and easy tips to get your home in shape: Open every window to help rid your home of toxins built up
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