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     »   Clean and deodorize all bathrooms

     »   Empty trash

     »   Clean and sanitize all telephones

     »   Dust all surfaces including desktops, window sills, chairs, tables & other furnishings

     »   Dust mop hard surface floors with treated mop and damp mop

     »   Vacuum all carpeted areas

     »   Clean entrance area doors inside/outside for fingerprints

     »   Clean interior partition glass for fingerprints

     »   Clean and disinfect urinals and toilets inside and out, removing scale and stains

     »   Clean and disinfect sanitary containers

     »   Clean and polish mirrors, metal fixtures, hand plates, and utility covers

     »   Fill dispensers with soap, towels, toilet paper, and sanitary napkins

     »   And Much More

Nobody knows it better than you – a clean and well-maintained facility not only promotes employee productivity and health, but long-term safety and profitability for your firm – making sure you get a commercial cleaning company that understands this responsibility is not only our job, it’s our mission.

We’re proud to say there’s a good reason commercial building managers and owners turn to our services every day – our expert cleaning teams provide a measurable difference in results and service. It’s simple. We understand that there is more to cleaning your facility than simply scrubbing the floors and pushing mops. Your building deserves the level of experience and attention that allows our teams to respond to the unique needs of your space in real time as issues arise, not robots performing only a small set of tasks.

We invite you to experience the difference. We provide commercial cleaning services throughout Wake County, as well as regular janitorial and maintenance-related services, such as daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning.

Cancellation of Appointments/Lockout

You may reschedule, add, skip or cancel any of your cleanings. We understand that an unforeseen event may occur which will create a need to cancel your scheduled cleaning appointment. If, for any reason, you need to change your scheduled appointment, please give us a full 48 hours notice. Once we take a reservation, we hold that time slot open for you and turn away other potential clients in order to ensure your appointment. In the event of a cancellation of less than 48 hours notice, a cancellation fee of $50 will be charged. SSC is not responsible for unforeseen events affecting the personal life of one client, but strive to meet the needs of all our customers in a timely and professional manner. As SSC is not responsible for unforeseen events beyond our control, it is the responsibility of the client to contact SSC in the event a scheduled cleaning needs to be postponed or cancelled. The client agrees to pay the entire cost of the cleaning in full for any visit cancelled by them on the day of the cleaning. This applies as well to visits aborted by our staff when unable to gain access to your office due to being locked out, or if, for any reason, a staff member feels that his/her personal safety is endangered enough to cause him/her to leave the jobsite due to actions by the client, guests, or pets on the premises. The client will remain liable for the full cost of the non-performed service.

A Clean Office is a Productive Office.


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